Few Critiques on the Classical Truth Theories

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Paula Tomi


There are different truth theories. Each of those aims to provide a general answer to the question: what is truth? The most common and well-known truth theories are: the correspondence and the coherence one. In this article, I aim to provide some critiques for the two mentioned substantive theories of truth. When it comes to the correspondence theory of truth, it has a hard time to explain the truth of negative existential propositions and necessary truths. The coherence theory is not as general as it aims to be and it cannot offer grounds for the very principle it uses: the principle of non-contradiction.

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TOMI, Paula. Few Critiques on the Classical Truth Theories. Annals of the University of Bucharest - Philosophy Series, [S.l.], v. 69, n. 2, p. 115-124, nov. 2021. ISSN 0068-3175. Available at: <http://annals.filosofie.unibuc.ro/index.php/annals/article/view/323>. Date accessed: 28 nov. 2021.